Sue Theobald (Barclays Middlesbrough)

Name: Sue Theobald

Organisation: Barclays (Middlesbrough)

What does your organisation do?
We support customers in the Middlesbrough community with their financial needs.

Why does your organisation support the Foundation?
Because the team here are passionate about Teesside. Through the Foundation, we can use our Barclays match-funding knowing the local community will benefit every time.

Which of our fundraising events has been your favourite?
The Ladies Lunches are always very popular with our staff – they’re informattive and we always have a great time – while we also like supporting the sleepouts. I’ve did the CEO Sleepout last year, which was humbling, thought-provoking and very emotional. When I’m arriving at work in Middlesbrough at 7.30 in the morning, there are still people in their sleeping bags in the doorways and I do look at them slightly differently now. After all, but for circumstances, it could be any one of us laid in that doorway. Barclays staff have also helped with admin and refreshments for the Big Tees Sleepout events.

Which organisation are you most proud that we’ve supported?
I like the Moses Project in Stockton, and I enjoyed the talk I heard from one of the leaders at My Sister’s Place. Also the apprenticeship schemes the charity has supported always hit a cord with me. My daughter is 20 and unemployed so I know how difficult it can be to get a job. And, of course, I love The Fork in the Road restaurant run by CEO Sleepout.

Tell us something your fellow Foundation supporters might not know about you personally?
I’m a secret punk rocker. I went to my first punk gig at the Rock Garden in Middlesbrough to see the UK Subs when I was 15. My dad’s a vicar so he wasn’t very happy dropping me off there, but I had a great night and I was absolutely hooked. I’m a Stiff Little Fingers super-fan, but I’ve seen Angelic Upstarts, Dead Kennedys, Skids and Crass. You’ll usually find me in camouflage at gigs! (or maybe we won’t! – editor)

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