Emma Simkins (Henderson Insurance Brokers)

Organisation: Henderson Insurance Brokers

What does your organisation do?

We assess and arrange bespoke insurance portfolios for commercial businesses, as well as some home insurance for connected clients.

Why does your organisation support the Foundation?

I think because there are so many organisations on Teesside that need help. When I attend the Philanthropic events, I’m always amazed how many good causes there are out there and all needing help. And there are so many wonderful people who give up their time, with no ulterior motive other than to help others. So if our support can help the Philanthropic Foundation give these amazing organisations some much-needed money in a structured fashion then that can only be a good thing.

Which of our fundraising events has been your favourite?

Definitely the Ball – it’s full of like-minded people who all want to help others in the community. And it’s a great night!

Which organisation are you most proud that we’ve supported?

The Schools Hardship Fund – I’m always moved by the stories of local kids with no beds or those that just haven’t got any sort of role model in life. I think it’s important we try to give them some sort of light at the end of the tunnel to show them that they can make a better life for themselves. I also loved the FAST Fund helping a young girl called Sophie Haw who was a bonny little thing but also a boxer. I thought she was fabulous.

Tell us something your fellow Foundation supporters might not know about you personally? 

I’ve lived in America, Sweden and France. In fact, at one point I could speak Swedish so fluently that I was actually starting to dream in the language!

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